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Each year the Alachua County Farm Bureau offers both academic and career-technical scholarships to graduating high school seniors whose families are Alachua County Farm Bureau members.  Students submit a completed Academic Scholarship Application


along with their transcript, a 3×5 photo, two letters of reference on character and citizenship, a resume of school/community extracurricular activities and a 500 word essay entitled “A Blueprint for My Future”.

 The application submission deadline is usually in early spring with scholarships being awarded before high school graduation.

Pizza Party for Ag Literacy Day in the Classroom

Each year the ACFB sponsors a pizza party for an elementary school that promotes and participates in “Ag Literacy Day in the Classroom” by inviting a volunteer to read a specially chosen children’s book about agriculture to the class.

Youth Speech Contest:

Speech Contest App

Speech Contest Topic for 2017:

“Today’s food companies employ many tactics including food labels to gain a marketing edge. How can farmers and ranchers ensure that consumers understand these labels and have confidence in the safety and quality of their food?”


  • Limit speech to 5 minutes +/ -30 seconds.
  • Must prepare and perform speech personally.
  • No visual aids such as PowerPoint or poster permitted.
  • Must be a resident of Alachua County but needn’t be a Farm Bureau member.
  • Must be at 14 years of age and not over 18 years of age on or before September 15, 2017.


  • First Place Winner – $150
  • Second Place Winner — $100
  • Third Place Winner — $50

County Contest Date: August 14, 2017

Application Deadline: August 1, 2017

title=”Teacher Ag Mini Grants”][/vc_column]

These grants are made available to any teacher within the Alachua County School District who presents a detailed application effectively integrating agriculture into the students’ curriculum for that school year. Grants are made available in amounts of up to $500. The deadline for applications is scheduled for mid-Autumn with applications available in early September.  It is the goal of ACFB to currently have the application and description of the program specifics available at the start of the every school year.

Additional funding can be received through applications to the Florida & Farm Bureau and Ag In The Classroom Mini Grants. Funds from these two additional programs can be applied for consecutively using the same curriculum or project as the ACFB Mini Grant. Applications can be attained through their websites.


Agri Science Award

The purpose of Agri Science Awards Agri-Science app is to recognize and reward students who apply scientific principles to science projects related to agriculture or any science project that has a connection to Agri-Science which the student has entered into the Alachua Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Awards are given to applicants upon completion and submission of the ACFB application for additional judging of their regional science fair project based on scientific criteria and relevance to the Agri-Science field.

ACFB utilizes the same categories of Agri-Science that the Alachua Regional Science & Engineering Fair uses to identify submitted projects. Awards are given in both junior and senior divisions and include a certificate and a cash award. There are two categories for judging, a junior and senior division. Up to $500 may be awarded to those participants of the Alachua Regional Science & Engineering Fair for their project.

Youth Fair Transportation

Each year the ACFB provides bus transportation from Alachua County schools for field trips to the Alachua County Youth Fair and Livestock Show. These funds are available to elementary schools on a first come, first served basis. Schools are asked to submit the exact amount needed in their initial request so that funds can be made available to as many schools as possible.

Submission of the final bill for more than the funds allocated will be denied on this basis. Each year the Youth Fair and Livestock Show is scheduled for late winter or early spring. Written submission of the requested amount of funds can be forwarded via email or fax up to seven business days prior to the scheduled date of the event.

Youth Fair and Livestock Show Achievement Awards

These awards are presented to the Alachua County Farm Bureau members’ children who participate in the Livestock show. This award is developed to encourage and reward the youths in our community to take on the added responsibility and effort required in showing an animal at this show.

Participants fill out a simple application that asks which category the animal(s) fall into, that the student showed.  Application submission deadline falls in mid-to late spring.